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Björn Canbäck Bioinformatics is a newly established company working with biological research. The company provides solutions in the bioinformatic area.

New technologies such as micro-arrays and high throughput sequencing produce large amount of data. These data are processed in pipelines and structured data are provided to the researcher. However, the scientist is often interested in a biological question and not the data per se.

Björn Canbäck Bioinformatics provides the link between data and biological context.

What we can help with

  • Customer designed databases where information from different sources are linked and made available through an user interface. Such an assignment normally includes development of web pages, configuration of web servers, programming and data base management.
  • Research in molecular evolution including phylogenies, sequence evolution rates, selection pressures, horizontal gene transfers and synteny (conserved gene orders).
  • Ecological research, for example diversity and distribution of organism groups and species.
  • Algorithm development in detection of stable RNA like tRNA and tmRNA.
  • Software development for graphical presentation.
  • Development of Internet based courses in bioinformatics.
  • Figures in manuscripts.


Phone: +46 (0)42-22 12 45
Mobile: +46(0)730-22 62 50

Björn Canbäck
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